Those in positions of power are selected [to be elected; chosen to be “our” choice] to represent specific agenda’s – most do not contemplate that one person’s ideals or personality cannot shift the direction of a nation without the approval of those backing the governing powers [those of claimed “Divine Right”], and the media “manufactured character and consent” of the nation closely follows [the distanced others (the victims of crime, war, etc.) are in reality ourselves; this is not happening “over there”, how far away is our tv, radio, computer ??] — we are complicit in the willful neglect of truth and/or self-interested deliberate ignorance !! – the COG Inc., employs the same systemic of manufactured character and consent, which in effect, is the attempted eradication of God, of His Way, by His very own Family !! – we are committing physical and spiritual suicide and engendering Holocaust !! – we are not “a blessing,” we are “a curse” — there is no spiritual component or intention within Mammon’s currency and investment schemes – the rewards of evil will not be present in the Kingdom of God and should not be present in the world/COG today !! – who will we listen to and obey, the Word of God or the god of this world ?? – which systemic shall we abide in and do the will of ?? – you cannot obey both righteous God and unrighteous Mammon (BUSINESS) !! – we must achieve spiritual emancipation and systemic withdrawal !!