A spiritually begotten Christ-ian is no longer a citizen [in all respects], a participant in this world’s systemic – *our roles have changed*; we are now citizens of Spiritual Israel, our citizenship *becoming* wholly conformed to the Gospel [over time; God understands the systemic *owns* everything; much is out of our control, we have to survive, yet we must begin to form the “community” that enables withdrawal (Moses) and return to God-ing (Elijah), where needs are met, not greed, to bring our “hearts and minds” to Christ, to *prepare* the Gospel of Peace; our family/community God-ing] — we are no longer American or Canadian citizens, etc. [considered as], the corporate label, we are now no longer corporate, neither employing its means and instrumentalities [disinvestment and disestablishment; Mammon replaced by Christ], neither participants in the national mythic !! — what a shame it is that we need God’s help and love in order to love Him and each other, and yet, we fail at the first instance of inconvenience or trouble, we turn on God and reject Him; we return to our idols !! — our “conversion process”, a life-time of learning and growing, enables us to withdraw *as much as is possible* from the Mammon-systemic, especially as at this time the “Ekklesian Community” barely exists [the COG is dying, near death]; your family and circle of friends are the starting Community for you; enlarge the circle as you grow in grace and knowledge; you are the very Church and the Ministration of Christ, each-and-every one of you a “Common Ministrant”, ministering the very spiritual/physical gifts given to you (freely received, freely given), in a reciprocal relationship with the other and with God; no man/woman nor any organization stands between you and God; Christ is the only mediator between you and God the Father !! – when Christ returns will we hear “well done, good and faithful servant” ??