The primary manifestation of evil on this planet today is the corporate form, its systemic – it is evil incarnate, where evil is called good, highly valued, and highly esteemed !! — you cannot build a common and caring citizenship when the underpinning systemic is anything but common or caring !! – if we don’t decide the world we live in, then, WHO DOES ?? — the hierarchical State is an evil and carnal instrumentality maintained by force and violence and is therefore opposed to, and in violation of, God(-ing) — the meaning is in the journey, the walk with God – the journey *is* the meaning !! — a different mind [God’s mind], a different attitude [Holy, righteous, spiritual character] and a different purpose in life [to destroy the works of the Devil] – walking a new path, guided by God’s MAP [mind, attitude, purpose] and spiritual compass [the Holy Spirit showing us the way, leading us to God] – God measures us by His Word [Christ], His truth and freedom; man measures us by his money, his iniquity and bondage !!