God is NOT indoctrination by separation, isolation, submission; we are to remove ourselves [be ye separate] from the systemic, but be(-ing) *AS GOD* in the world [kosmos]; WE LEARN GOD BY BEING/DOING GOD !! – God is reason and mentation, “choosing” God’s Mind and Will as our own !! – life is NOT a spectator sport just to be reported on and criticized; LIFE MUST BE GOD IN ACTION, ACTIVE PRAYER !! — our minds reach out and touch, affect what we look at, think about; we have become de-sensitized by our selfish culture and have lost much of our empathy — Christ was an iconoclast, iconoclastic vs. our icons, idols of wealth: a God-centered life vs. a self-centered life; our selfish identity(-ies) shall be (re)turned to the ONE IDENTITY OF GOD !!

We have been ENVISIONED of-and-by Christ into His Way of Life [business is NOT the systemic envisioned by Christ; it is the evil we all know and employ] !! — our “cultural” mind and mindset must be recognized and overcome; our expectations must be brought to God’s Will and fulfilled by God’s Way; we are part of life, we are *in* life [God] – our “cultural mind” is our systemic programming, the “hidden hand” that guides us, directs us vs. God’s guidance, His hand !! – “deep-seated” psychological dependence, mind-lock(-ed) – the covering, the systemic “mask” that hides the evil will be *revealed*, this is the REVELATION !! — “at their mercy” [power of life and death, the fear threat] is NOT the “mercy” [promise of life] of God – our psychological “recovery” from the imposed/implanted identity, considered and claimed as God “ordained” [Mammon-systemic], is only possible by-and-through Christ: A NEW MIND [being and doing] !!