The Inc., will destroy the man who seeks the truth and/or destroy the truth so that no man may seek it !! – liars do not fear the truth if there are enough liars surrounding it – THE TRUTH WANTS TO BE KNOWN, IT WILL COME TO YOU IF YOU ALLOW IT vs. the Inc., imposed, ensured futility of hopes and prayers: GOD UNREALIZED !! — the DEEP THINGS OF GOD vs. our “surface” interpretations and definitions; our environments are volatile, unstable and so are we; we are suspicious, untrusting: by giving something away, by gifting, we show we mean no harm; by gifting/sharing *all*, we show our love !! – WE DEFEAT A SELFISH SYSTEMIC BY OUR UNSELFISHNESS; WE OVERCOME A GODLESS SOCIETY BY OUR GOD-ING !! – our society(-ies) is/are a prime example of God withheld: *WE* ARE WITHHOLDING GOD, IT IS *NOT* GOD’S DOING !! — our society is extremely “shallow” in definition; business is shallow *by* definition as a means of interaction, its money [instrumentation] making shallow and hollowing out all things [vs. deep and hallowed of God] !! – EXTREMELY SHALLOW RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERACTIONS define our society(-ies) and ourselves [vs. depth of being] !! – WHAT DO WE “MEAN” TO EACH OTHER, WHAT IS *OUR* MEANING ?? – do we reflect hypocritical social standards, or do we reflect the Glory of God ??