Well done good and faithful servant; the application of God is our responsibility !! – the Kingdom of God cannot be built on man’s foundations, the constructs existent – God provides the alternative, and His foundation is not the way of man – man’s ways are NOT God’s ways !! — an adversarial covenant vs. the covenant of righteousness and judgement, the foundation of God’s Throne – we must pull down the false alters, we must recover the Law of God — wisdom is the *sense* of the world, of creation and our place and responsibility within it — making sense out of the world *not* cents out of the world – money is a measure of worthlessness; the more money, the more worthless !! — the Word of God is priceless; asking for money for God’s truth, putting a price on the Gospel, is *cheapening* God’s Word – God will provide His way; within the systemic: minimize, voluntary simplicity, withdrawal !! — sharing in, reaping the benefits [false fruits] of monetary barbarism [ethics are arbitrary] is sin, a crime against ourselves and God; it makes us complicit in crimes against humanity !! — we cannot in good conscience partake of a systemic derived from inhuman practises !! – the force of God’s character and consciousness residing within compels us to change !!