Self-interest [personal gain at the expense of another], the definition of evil, man’s way, the “-ism’s”, usury of others; RIGHTEOUSNESS is the recognition and resultant conduct away from self-interest, recognition beyond oneself, God’s way [true love the determinant: God’s faith as gift; righteousness is obedience to the commandments through faith; God’s *nature of interaction* for His Family]; each of us is dependent on the interests of others; a society of the gift – diminished credibility [each act of self-interest in whatever form expressed]; Christianity is *the path away from self-interest* — the *national interest* of America, the people [separate from the national interest of the US, the Mammon-construct] is NOT served by the murder of any [of one or of many], whatever the label applied, whatever the context [all have the potential of adoption into the God Family no matter how misguided, self-serving they are today, and must be treated as such]; no killing is justified, and neither is the *use* of human beings as commodities or tools for the purpose of profit, the slavery of the many for the benefit of the few !!

The sacrifice to the systemic construct, the false altar; the rule of unrighteous law should not and cannot be endured and justified by a *civilized* society; civil-realization based on righteous law and social practise is a must, indeed a prerequisite to the Kingdom of God; the misery experienced around the world, around each of us, is a tragedy, and our turning of our backs, the indifference expressed, is a tragedy in itself; unexamined privilege is a crime !! – it is what we *don’t do* with the gift of privilege, *our* privilege; God is watching !! – we have to stop asking “why does God allow this, the pain, the hurt, the suffering?”; instead we must ask “why do *we* allow this?” – we *are* the active agents of God, we *are* members of the Family of God, God has given *us* the responsibility [response-ability; the ability to respond (the Holy Spirit)] !!