Those within the hierarchy are guilty of “obstruction of justice”, the *chain* of command vs. the liberation of humankind — we are all complicit; this is the first step, the realization that leads to the conversion process:
* awareness, realization, alternatives;
* humility, a contrite heart [Isa. 66, “to this man will I look”];
* seeking [unselfish] truth, the beginning of conscientious objection;
* a comprehensive critique of society; a process of refusals and developing critique; changing one’s personal life, “everyday life”, is ultimately the motivation for changing society;
* if we’re to come to grips with transforming this world, then we’d better get used, not to living with contradictions, but to striving with and against them, and make sure that we make the optimal use of our creative capacities to overcome them;
* seeking solutions, dialogue, co-intelligence, a shared experience, Circles Of REliance [CORE] group(s);
* expatriation and repudiation; we cannot serve two masters, it is either God or Mammon !!
* the communitarian way of Christ.

The Gospel message is a message of *action* – God is a verb NOT a noun – a living faith; an alternative to this world’s system – “come out of her, my people, and be ye separate” [in all aspects of life; if you use the government’s economy, you serve the economy’s government], “be ye perfect”, not friends [associates] of this evil world [James 4:4]; give unto God what is God’s [incl., His people; the government issue]; God will lead the converted and unconverted and will collapse the Mammon-construct by His common Liberty, the communitarian way, the living Gospel and witness; the manifestation of this world’s evil is its *money*, the “graven” image and the invented, controlled, fluctuating markets, the “molten” image; the “unrighteousness of Mammon” the personification.