Conversion is a process – the communitarian path will lead us back to God; the present system is guilty of “crimes against humanity”, nay, “crimes against the future of humanity” – real spiritual joy, the joy that flows from God is also co-dependent on physical joy, the joy made possible by a right way of life; God has provided the blueprint, the plan of action for us to follow that will mesh with our genetic potential, that will unleash mankind to fulfill its potential within the God Family; our way of life is the determinant; let us begin !! – it begins within the individual, within each of us – the system is psychological, we must break the barrier; we must turn from [repent] the Mammon-construct – when we read the scriptures we are entering into a dialogue with God [Christ is the Word; the definition]; some things are written in stone [ie., the 10C; we are the *living stones*, the active living law, the living example to all, the witness] but God is seeking those willing to dialogue, to reason with him; the benefit is for ourselves; there is a direction existent that is a perfect match for our human design, all else will lead to design fatigue, failure and collapse; the prophetic determinants are a testament to this, history does repeat itself; our world-systemic [G2889 kosmos] is a cancer !!