November 2009

MM Ch. 1-4: Our Choice of Social Reality – Two Divergent Ways of Life, Social Systemics
MM Ch. 5: Private-State Over Public-Nation – Mammon’s Nation-State Enslavement

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hyphenated emphasis within text:
-ian — relating to, belonging to, resembling
-ing — the act of, collective force
-ity — quality, state, condition

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (addressed to the physical(/spiritual))
Mammon or Messiah Book 2 (addressed to the spiritual(/physical))

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We have been inured by a concept, a category of thought … in our pockets is a weapon of war, a weapon of mass destruction, which cumulatively has killed more people, destroyed more lives, has wrought more environmental destruction than any other weapon ever devised by man – it is an ancient weapon, and it claims all: this weapon demands sacrifice [blood and sweat], it demands complete surrender and obedience, it demands “worship” – all life is equated with this weapon, its use *is* the “means” of life [all is acquired by violent use of this weapon]; all blessings and punishments are equated, peace and happiness are equated, status and “worth” for life are equated, mind [very thought] is equated [intellectual “property”], even God is equated with this weapon [the ultimate lie]; we are governed by this weapon, it is held over our heads and to our throats, lest we should think or speak against it – this weapon of war is regarded as a weapon of peace, as the very cure for the disease that “it” actually is – we [all of us], by *use* of this weapon *become* the enemy, our enemy, and by its use we are committing collective suicide; this weapon is an instrumentation of evil, and we personify evil by its use – this weapon is known by all, sought by all, and excused by all; all is done in its name and service: THIS WEAPON [OF EVIL] IS MONEY*, AND OUR USE OF IT !! – this weapon *is* absolute [idol] power and author-ity and conveys such to those who wield and control it !! *[as corporate debt-instrument]

There are writings thousands of years old warning about this weapon and its use; God’s Word explains for us two “ways of life”: a “society of the gift” [giving life (God) to us], or a “society of the take” [taking life from us]; all prophecy, as determinant [not prediction], lays out the choice for us [the blessings and cursings], and gives us the example of our ancestors [Israel], those chosen [small in number and in slavery] and called out of the world’s systemic, to create the alternative, by introducing God to the world, and applying Him in the world, yet the Bible relates the story of Israel’s failure, and the story remains the same today [physically and spiritually] !! – MAMMON [the “business” of] *or* MESSIAH continues as our choice !! – the equating of Mammon with Messiah is our present state of being: BABYLON [confusion by mixing (God is not the author(-ity) of confusion)], where money [corporatized as weapon] is *equated* with life !! – to give consideration or regard to its use, to be a friend or an associate [support and maintenance] of it, IS THE ROOT [cause] OF ALL EVIL !! – the corporate nation, society and church are wholly opposed to our God(-ing), and must be *withdrawn* from [Moses], we must *return* to our God [Elijah] !! – we must have a clean heart and washed hands [innocency]; we must behave wisely and in a perfect way; we must despise [hate] the evil [work] !! – we must recognize God as [our] enabler !!

The corporate, as “definition of life”, must be rejected in total: GOD *IS* LIFE !! – OUR “SYSTEMIC MIND” MUST BE OF GOD !! – we must “exult” God [prepare the paths; remove the stumbling-blocks]; God has been made irrelevant – Hab. 3:17 systemic failure looming: our selfish mass coveting results in privation for all !! – the whole concept of “money” as we know it [mind it], is a contagion, DEEP SPIRITUAL ILLNESS !! – selfishness knows no bounds, it is a cancer, consuming all !! – the whole “business” concept of life [as means, as prejudiced claim (Nation-State, society, privilege, etc.), the adversarial competition] must be absolutely rejected, it is anti-God !! – each one of us is responsible for all aspects of our society, the privileged, monied pride, and the abject poverty [physically/spiritually]; it is easy to forsake others when our own human-ity [sodality (our fellowship, brotherhood)] has been abandoned – the specter [object of fear, of dread] of business [as mind] is God(-ing): all iniquity *purged* by mercy and truth !! — the physical is a reflection of the spiritual, and our society fits the definition: monied privilege [in the physical; supported by massive debt of claim] existing in abject poverty [spiritually; including the COG Inc., Laodicean spiritual condition]; the debt burden oppresses and controls most; all claim and its social resultant “poverty” [the commodification of life] is a result of our collective spiritual poverty, our lack of God !!

We cannot exist alone [web of life; ethnos-sphere (culture; meaning; many versions of the human story, the rituals of living connection)], we are born to be connected, to be bound together, all life long [by love]; Mammon, predicated upon taking, is negated by love [pure unselfish love]: MAMMON DEPENDS UPON OUR DISCONNECTION, OUR SELFISH INDIVIDUALISM, TO SURVIVE AND “PROFIT” !! – man will be healed by love, re-connected to each other and to God !! – LOVE [Christ; His creation] IS THE TOUCHSTONE OF GOD [ie., nature opens and reveals the depth of our nature (consideration; reverence); bio-philia (our innate love of life)] – the “instrument” of Mammon [its money] is the touchstone of evil [a psychological deficit; a mental illness]; our inner state [being] is a reflection of the world around us [eco-psychology]: WE TRULY ARE KOSMIC [kosmos], OUR PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFICIT IS PROFOUND, WE ARE DEEPLY OUT OF SACRED BALANCE; OUR RECIPROCAL BONDS HAVE BEEN BROKEN, AND/OR TORN !! [drawn from “Sacred Balance” (David Suzuki)] – we have *betrayed* ourselves [our potential] and God !!

Customs, habits, rituals: why are we the way we are ?? – you cannot resist something that you are an active part of; we must be a NEW CREATION vs. the purity aspect removed – business reduces man to an animal, survival of the fittest mentality, carnality, baseness [buy, lie, sell high] – GOD IS *HOLY* BECAUSE GOD IS A GIFT OF LOVE … AS GOD IS !! – we are a product of the environment we surround ourselves with, or are surrounded by; very few resist, most just acquiesce [to agree or consent quietly without protest, but without enthusiasm (gradually conditioned; inured)]: LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY, we must withdraw !! – our “job” [work] is God-ing [agape community] vs. Mammon/business definitions [methods] as excuse [vs. the character of God (10C), our 10 character traits]: “nothing personal … it’s just business” is evil, the over-riding “evil” character of Mammon – GOD(-ing) IS THE ENHANCEMENT OF OUR HUMAN-ITY, WHAT WE WERE DESIGNED FOR … we were designed for, and to be, God Family !!

ONE FATHER [progenitor], ONE FAMILY, ONE FLESH, ONE LOVE … !! — privilege through money, or servant through Christ: Christ-ian-ity is a re-definition of life vs. Mammon’s evil, corporate definitions, perspectives; CHANGE YOUR DEFINITION AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A NEW MIND !! – Christ is *not* Mammon: power is not money [corporate money is “worthless” to God(-ing)] – “bystander” attitudes must be changed; we must be the healers vs. business [the illness; the disease]; THE “POWER” OF GOD, OF LOVE, IS JUST THAT: “LOVE” [love moves mountains, love heals all] !! – MAMMON/BUSINESS IS THE SACRIFICE OF OTHERS, CHRIST-IAN-ITY IS THE SACRIFICE OF SELF !! – commonwealth and stewardship vs. private wealth and consumption [comfort and security at the expense (the sacrifice) of others] !! – THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS THE KINGDOM OF *LOVE*: THE RULE OF LOVE [entering a new realm; a paradigm of love] !! – WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE TO SACRIFICE OTHERS TO OURSELVES, TO DEMAND FROM THEM THEIR LIVES, GIVEN TO THEM BY GOD ?? – MAMMON IS CLAIM, OUR EXCUSE, OUR EVIL: MAMMON MAKES US IDOL(S) DEMANDING SACRIFICE, WE CLAIM “RIGHT OF GOD” INDIVIDUALLY AND AS GROUP [nation] !!

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