The crux of the matter is this: do you believe in the Word of God, or not ?? – what system of belief do you hold to: God’s or Satan’s ?? – if to Christ, then are you a hearer only, and not a doer of the word, hearing God but following the adversary, and if so, why? – we must break the yoke, the constraints of man’s society [the systemic disregard of God], while at the same time build the alternative – God speaks of righteousness, the perfecting of Humanity; the whole Law of God is summed up by love towards God and love towards your fellow man; there is NO compromise !! — faith presupposes works [the expression of character], as faith without works is dead – the strength of the Kingdom of God is measured in our duties to each other, not in our claims over each other; Israel [H3478 God prevails; He will rule as God, root: to prevail; have power (as a Prince); (the very Family of God)] is a *state of being* not a *state of non-being*, an impersonal entity over people; Israel is its people, freedom and security, servant government within, an ingress into God’s community, true government, justice expressed — CORE, Circle of Reliance, a circle of trust, the body of Christ NOT disembodied strangers; group consciousness !! – God’s values *embodied* – small pools of trust, still waters; these pools grow and overlap to become a lake of trust [Word of God]; diffusion and multiple identities are our defense against diffuse and multiple threats.