God’s words are to be applied to God’s community, NOT in support of man’s constructs, in support of man’s carnal ways, using God as excuse and authority – we have to reach beyond man and extend into the God realm !! — our society and its structures *deny* God – we deny God in our daily living, in our self-serving attitudes and machinations [to devise, plan, or plot artfully, esp. with evil intent; an artful or secret plot or scheme] – we deny God with our categorizing, our labelling of each other [labels negate humanity], we are all *one* in Christ Jesus — our narrow views, our vested self-interest and protection of the same is opposed to the Kingdom of God !! – labels imply judgment, they imply a *lessening* – God’s community is a community where each of us considers the other’s well-being as primary, and she/he in turn, where there are no labels, only members of the God Family, where “mine and thine” [the artificial barriers] do not exist – labels, and their application is NOT loving your fellow man as yourself and as such deny God’s Character [10C].