Each FRN is contaminated with evil and the degree of our infection [the social control, the bondage], our social sickness, is determined by the degree [the intensity] of our contact with it – we must not only seek healing for ourselves, but by doing so, provide healing for the whole social organism – FRNs (and associate currencies, CDN Dollar/Pound/Euro) must be refused and rejected; God promises *true* liberty, FRNs are predicated upon usury [debt is the controlling factor, interest is the continuity factor] – Jesus did not carry Roman currency and neither should we [when challenged about paying tribute unto Caesar He had to ask his accusers for one of their coins] — we must follow and emulate Christ and reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on, and our utilization of, corrupt private currency – 1 Timothy 5:22 … *neither be partaker [G2841] of other men’s sins*: keep thyself pure [Strong’s Concordance – be partaker; communicate; distribute 1a) to come into communion or fellowship with, to become a sharer, be made a partner 1b) to enter into fellowship, join one’s self to an associate, make one’s self a sharer or partner].