Most “personal scripture” is prewritten by others and incorporated without question; who is the author of you ?? – God is the author of our salvation, He will rewrite us, renew us, if only we will invite Him in – our “scripture” has become flawed and only the original author can restore it !! — a community of renewed mind, an altered state of consciousness; the Kingdom of God begins with God’s consciousness — the Holy Spirit of God is God’s own Mind, His very consciousness, His knowledge and understanding from *within* – human spirit overlaid and permeated by God’s Spirit [sub-conscience (subconscious), conscience, *over-conscience*] !! – God’s Mind, His very consciousness, His intelligence(s) residing in us, His abilities, His very “being” a part of our own – He is expressed as our own mind becomes tuned into His mind [our mind truly becomes *our* mind] – the actualization becomes possible as we grow in grace and knowledge, as wisdom expands to fill our being, as we open the doors of our minds [doors, partitions, veils; light enters vs. shadow] to Christ and allow Him entrance to sup with us [to gather together for the common meal of bread, milk and meat; the spiritual manna], our capacity increases, we become nourished – Amos 3:3, can two walk together, except they be agreed? – God’s mind will merge with our mind as we become aware of, recognize, and conform with God’s will, as His will becomes our will, when His objectives become ours – we will exist in a perfect and holy symbiotic, dependent and reciprocal relationship – we will assume the rights and responsibilities of the God Family — we are the active agents in the design and creation of our own intelligence(s), in the service of the Family – the community *is* the congregation [not just the human community but the whole community of life]; we must be the elders at this time, those mature in the spirit, the servant example.