We must realize that our systemic physical values are diametrically opposed to our professed spiritual values; the contradictions are inherent in our social and private lives – we are negating the spiritual in our lives by our physical existence – we must *live* in the Spirit, but also must *walk* in the Spirit, that the righteousness of the law might be *fulfilled* in us – the pursuit of knowledge, including the spiritual, is a worthy endeavor, but it must elevate one – you cannot compromise on the physical and expect to properly reflect the spiritual – the physical reality must reflect the spiritual, and this is achieved by the communitarian gospel – this is imperative as a different form of existence is looming and humanity is not sufficiently mature against increased SAGE-Corporate manipulation — the Gospel message (the social and spiritual) has been distorted; medium distortion (the corporate medium; the medium is the message); Matthew 24:14, and this gospel of the kingdom (communitarian; physical and spiritual) shall be *preached* in all the world for a *witness* unto all nations; and then shall the end come – equitable and humane community is a task we all must be committed to; our daily existence, ** our actions and commitments constitute the preaching and the witness ** – “I versus you,” the growing distinction between the “haves” and the “have not’s” and the “never will haves” (the mythology of scarcity promulgated by the corporate; the problem is one of corporate distribution, entitlement and profit NOT scarcity), and the abrogation of responsibility, must end.