Socialism, environmentalism, all the ism’s, organized church activity, NGO’s, and other aspects of worldly life are inadequate patching on a social system that needs to be discarded and replaced – the promise of the corporate kingdom has replaced the promise of the Kingdom of God, the almighty dollar has replaced Almighty God in the affairs of men – each time we use a dollar [FRN/Canadian] we are distributing and contributing to the evil, the misery, the debt, the oppression, the sacrifice of others, etc., that it represents; denominated in intensity, we become complicit !! — the alternative would be to contribute yourself, your energies, your talents and skills [gifts from God], represented in a community currency, within the communitarian context [give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but give unto God what is God’s; no utilization within] – we must gradually withdraw from the federal system and implement alternative zero-interest, or negative-interest community and/or regional currencies rooted in community, “just balances, just weights” (Lev. 19:35-36); we have to stop demanding a bigger slice of the pie, and start making our own — the conversion process is a disinvestment from the world system but a reinvestment in community, in ourselves; it represents trust, acceptance !! – it relies on your good word and deeds [backed by the Word of God]; we are environment specific but it must be the environment designed by the progenitor, expressed in family and community [not the conditions of life set by the SAGE]; true confidence in ourselves, not in an artificial, distant and removed construct – our inherent value is love, truth, and responsibility, the communitarian way, the Christ-systemic.