God is NOT “principal” as generally understood and *used* by man [first in rank, authority, importance, degree, etc., a chief, head, governing or presiding officer, a person who employs another to act as his agent, rule over or upon]; God is a FATHER, and His SON is His express image – God is *servant authority* and mankind has ingress as sons and daughters of the Father, brothers and sisters of Christ, the firstfruits [the active Church, the foundational ekklesia, the *preaching and the witness*, the living Gospel of the Kingdom, the preparatory servant community] considered the very Bride of Christ, His helpmeet; the GOD FAMILY – God is the *principium* [a beginning, a principle; first principles, fundamentals] and as such is the ultimate source, the origin, the cause; God is the natural or original tendency, faculty, or endowment; God is fundamental truth, law, doctrine and motivating force, upon which others are based, ie., moral principles; God is rule of conduct, especially righteousness [adherence to God; integrity; uprightness]; God is an essential element, constituent, or quality, one that produces a specific effect [the active ingredient]; God is scientific law [the scripture of creation, the code of life, intelligent design (this term now co-opted by a fundamentalist definition)]; God is creator and upholds His creation – the universe is God’s tabernacle and the promise is man’s – the God Family is guided by the *high knowledge*, God’s own, within.