God will serve us if we are willing to do the same; reciprocal responsibility [a reciprocity, a relationship, mutual action, dependence (reliance, trust); if we take, we negate – the 10 Commandments are the template, the conditions of life, an environment, God’s environment – we have the right of free entrance, free habitation; the 10 Commandments are the means, the agency, of entrance into God’s Family; not blind progress, nor misguided regress, but an ingress, a turning within, an invitation to enter, to claim our inherent rights – God’s Law of Liberty is a responsibility to God, to ourselves, and to those around us, the whole Family of God – they are an achievement [by skill, work, courage and the faith of God as gift], an accomplishment [to make complete, perfect, the true sense of success].

Freedom from the constraints of man begins with a NO !! – God’s community is free-standing [resting on its own support, without attachment], and free-spoken [free in expressing ideas and opinions] – God invites study, discussion, reason, with freethinkers [free thought, free willed beings]; a Free Christian Community is one that refuses to consider, or treat, their fellowman and their environment as an adversary – the common embrace of God reveals worth as intrinsic and not dependent on success or power; God’s community is open to *all*, its blessings are self-evident – the past, the present and the future exist as one, they breathe together, and we do not have the option not to care – “no see, no hear, no care” is an affront to God and a crime against ourselves; we have an obligation to care, to be aware, to learn, to be accountable; those who claim the *warrant of scripture* receive and utilize the instruction of wisdom, justice and judgment, and equity, with the realization that we are all *one being*, one existence, and that each of us is an integral [necessary for completeness; essential] member of the same !!