“America” must return to herself (and by extension Canada and the UK) – the “mainstream” media is an open sewer; we have to return to the “streams of consciousness”, the “rivers of truth”, the pure waters; the source is *America*, the *ideal* is enshrined in her people, the collective consciousness, the social consciousness that must be manifested in the popular sovereignty that is the root of democracy [a reflection of the Bible and God’s Constitution, the 10 Commandments]; we must wash ourselves, we must remove the stain of this oppressive society, we must become “unspotted from the world” – diminished values mean a diminished America; we must walk with God, we must live the “Sermon on the Mount,” the ultimate strength is a society of the gift: “freely ye have received, freely give” – civil society must be primary, the foundation, where we live; free institutions, voluntary associations; where we learn citizenship, where we share interests, where we engage in community and association; citizens joined together; the *Spirit of Liberty* is local – America must be America, to herself and to the world (the world has only experienced “Corporate-America”, a contradiction in terms and application) !!

Freedom is not something man has for himself but something he has for others; the freedom Christ has given us is not a possession, a presence, an object, but is a *relationship* between two persons; being *free* means *being free for the other*, because the other has bound me to him – only in relationship with the other am I free – the freedom to which we are called presupposes the going out of oneself, the breaking down of our selfishness and of all the structures that support our selfishness [the agencies and instrumentalities of control; the barriers and boundaries, be they territorial, social, or perceptual, which artificially construct difference where difference does not exist]; the foundation of this freedom is openness to others: the fullness of liberation, a *free gift* from Christ, is *communion* with God and with other men.