We comprise the systemic, we are the evil – we are consuming each other; we will consume until cessation of existence, the mortality of selfishness; what we do for the other is immortality — the divine rights of the people vs. the divine right(s) of capital — Business (our Being and Doing) is the “evil” that we have become – the nation-state(s) “internal-affairs” are mostly determined by national-politics, by the business-parties, but the “external-affairs” are wholly determined by the SAGE-Corporate — society determined by “money”, the artificial-wealth(debt) created by the SAGE, the owners of the real-wealth(value), the Nation-State Systemic which encloses / encapsulates / imprisons society; power-control determinant; Masters “need” dependents and slaves; we comprise their power, their claimed-wealth (the pseudo-messianic positions and real(estate)-holdings), their management of sustainable slavery, their management of us (our social environment; the usurpation of our God-given Divine-Rights, God’s true-wealth(life)); God-given, SAGE-taken: the very “means of life” (the commodification of).