“Messiah” is a category of thought just as “Mammon” is; it is a “social concept”, a “way of life”, a “determinant”, a “social structure”, a “society of the gift” — we are forced into systemic participation due to “claim” and “coercion” – Human-kind is the “Family of God”, that is the “meaning” of life (being and doing, mind and heart, spiritual and physical); Mammon is the opposite/opposed to the family(-relationship); God(-ing) is family relationship – “private agenda” is often in conflict with “public need” – Mammon’s incorporation vs. Messiah’s incarnation (corporate vs. incarnate) – Messiah is the “well-being of the other”, Mammon is the “well-being of self” — the SAGE are a separate “entity”, a “private-Society” above the common entities of “nation-states”, the enclosures of the common, the encapsulation for business purposes (claim and commodification); the “national policies” of the various nation-states are governed/steered by the SAGE, who in effect are “over, upon and within” the various governmental bodies — re-ligion is the binding of “faith” with “politics” (the “God sanction”).