PERSONAL GAIN AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER IS EVIL, THAT IS THE DEFINITION, AND OUR EVIL SYSTEMIC OF MAMMON IS THE RESULTANT, IN VIOLATION OF GOD; Eph 6:12 Mammon is the “spiritual force of evil” in the world: MAMMON = BUSINESS = CORPORATE GOVERNANCE = THE NATION-STATE — Structured (Code(-ified)) Society: Divine Authorship-Sanction-Steerage; DIVINE RIGHT(S) – Society underpinned by the Foundation of Mammon as motivation(-al) factor/purpose is by definition what we term “secular”, commonly accepted as “without God”, yet God is paramount as actuality, conformed to Mammon (Christ conformed to the world) giving/granting “Divine Right” to its proponents/elite; “all things” are in subjection to Mammon and its interests (primarily closed-source and legally protected (commodification of life)) — the “identity” factor/equation is primary in our interactional behaviour, our “humanity” towards humanity, our rejection/acceptance of another’s “identity(-ies)” – the OT/NT Scriptures are the underpinning, foundational “national narratives” of their very “descendant nations”, the US/UK/EU, and are accepted and claimed as such by the SAGE, and are woven into the national fabric of each of their nation-states (their filthy robes) – “identity” and “vested-interest” are one-and-the-same in business, politics, social discourse, etc.