“Heaven” and “Hell” are conditions of being; we exists today in a “Hell” of our own making; willing “subjection” (full consent) or forced “subjugation” (against consent), very few are Mammon’s Subjects as very few “know” Mammon for an informed “full consent”; even those most willing are but subjugated (not response-able), but the SAGE are Subjects, subject to their Master; the FALLEN are incorporated within their Corporations, THEY ARE EMBODIED, the FAITH OF THE FALLEN being Mammon itself; SATAN IS IN FULL POSSESSION OF THE CORPORATE — the “Light of Darkness”, the “Faith of the Fallen” – existing within/under the shadow — the “hidden hand” is in reality a “hidden fist” !! — most don’t see the oppression, held down, no vantage point, pressed into the mould, the social image — Mammon’s “social construction” – people as nails, hammered into place; the social framework — feeding the claim, sacrificing our children on the altar of Mammon; ravenous, tearing in pieces; we feed the claim and in turn are consumed by Mammon — secular-Christianity = synthetic (synthesis) understanding; man-made definitions; wearing synthetic robes — provision systemics (Adonai usurpation) — SAGE dystopian world (nightmare; opposite of utopian) — basic Human Rights (mandated by God) include food, housing, medical care, clothing, education, all the necessities of life, basic needs, to be provided without money (commodification) and without price (claim); we either “give” life or “take” life; as givers we all win, as takers, only a few win — under SAGE control life is mandated by Mammon, with debt and wealth servitude the controlling mechanisms; most cannot even conceive of life without Mammon and its definitions.