Our “spiritual illness” is near absolute; our Nations are formed into Nation-States enforced by armed force without and within, to maintain national systemic and social order; “spiritual healing” is the only hope for mankind; the “spirit” of Mammon or the “spirit” of Messiah; business is the agency of Mammon, the “take”, Messiah is the “give”; we are all near “spiritually dead”, the contagion, the “spiritual leprosy” (the numbing; the deformation) of Mammon is consuming us (deformed to the point of near total incapacity; not able to grasp, carry or walk (spiritually/physically)); the “doctrine of devils” or the “doctrine of Christ”; in the “physical realm” human beings “manifest” the “spiritual realm”, the “spiritual (light-)intelligences” (dark, occluded or pure)”, whether of Satan or of God.

Each and every Human Being is a “Sacred Being” with “Divine Right(s)”; the Nation-State = National “State of Mammon” – “Is not the institution of the State, in its present form, a mere instrument of the privileged class, and must it not be supplanted by a cooperative commonwealth of collective ownership?” [Francis Greenwood Peabody 1900 Jesus Christ and the Social Question] – Jesus Christ = Heart and Mind = Salvation (Healing) and the Anointing (Spirit/Truth) = Healing of Heart and Anointing of Mind – the State is a systemic of corporate management/governance superimposed over/upon/within the Nation; the National superstructure is owned/controlled by the corporate; public society is framed by the private and public governance is maintained by the very same.