1 Cor 15:24, all rule, authority, power and establishment shall be put down: the “rape” of the earth – every human being has a sacred “being” in the eyes of God (not a “sacred being” as such, as yet, but a sacred “being”) — every Human Being has “divine rights” and anyone or anything that denies such is in “violation of God” — SAGE-systemic design, development and implementation of Mammon = advocatus mamona diaboli = the satanic defender(s) of the “rights” of the FALLEN and their enslavement of mankind = their abrogation of God(-ing) as “Desposynic”, their “descendant responsibility” – pre-Adamic “merchandise” systemic (Tree of Good and Evil); post-Adamic term: Tyrean (King and Princes of Tyrus); open-revolt against God’s “living” systemic (Tree of Life); defeat resultant “the FALLEN” and their systemic “establishment” (First Estate corruption; systemic of death) over mankind by their Edenic deception and rejection of God’s systemic — the End Times “spiritual flood” of Mammon (drowning all; Preachers of Unrighteousness), Mammon’s “Corporate Giants” demanding and consuming all; Nation-States “false secular Eden’s” seeking to impart “God’s presence” (mimicry of; divine warrant claim) to a deceived/imprisoned populace — our civilization-systemic is a mirror image of the pre-Genesis Angelic, the Tyrean systemic of Mammon.