Africa was plundered and raped, then abandoned starving (in all aspects; suppression by starvation), left to internecine conflict and genocide, intentionally by the SAGE (benefit and cost analysis), who await their call for intervention as would-be-saviors to the holocaust that they are responsible for – the ultimate victimization (causation and consequence; the SAGE “Grimm” (Old High Ger., grimm “fierce”), savage in disposition and action, sinister in character, unyielding, forbidding in appearance; the “reapers”, the “grimm reapers” – war as reaping machine (instrument)) — 1990-2005 18B$/yr., 300B$ Africa Armed Conflicts cost; amount equal to Foreign Aid dollars [Oct. 2007 Oxfam Report] – the SACRED and the PROFANE; it is either one or the other in all things (individually and collective) !! – the “light of darkness” must be overcome; the SAGE darkness covering the Black African peoples, the very children of Moses, is not only in accord with their vehement aim of the diminishment of God’s Light (Law; character) but also of this unknown tribe of Israel (unknown by the world but known to the SAGE), the very progeny of the Lawgiver (the man chosen by God to present His Law of Liberty, whose very children were enslaved by those who professed the Law given, their very relations); the Mosaic Children do-and-will stand most honored alongside of Christ within the Family !!