The very “Hierarchic” Systemic, no matter the flavor/persuasion, is of SAGE design (and purpose); even their most vehement opponents, utilizing “their” systemic, is in service to them (by systemic manipulation) — MAMMON, the “Universal Nucleant”, that onto which all others condense/join/attach, to exist (condensation nuclei; each individual droplet flowing/absorbed into the main-stream (of this world-kosmos; the open sewer) — the forces of Mammon are political, religious and economic: (pre-)paring the world (all is within their purview; pare “to make, prepare; acquire; to trim off the excess, diminish, reduce”) — the “voluntary servitude” (indentured servant) and the “management” (the means) of the world’s population and relations is the SAGE Agenda at this time (pre-packaged) – you can believe what you want (Religion as controlling mechanism) as long as you utilize the systemic; threaten the systemic and you will cease to exist.

SAGE funding ie., communism, nazism, socialism, etc., funding to maintain control, conflict, failure – selective paring of adversaries (in person and in ideology) — the employment/use of the enemy, ultimately to his defeat; Agenda catalyst – conflict management and control, whether corporate business, politics, or armed force, etc., is systemically essential – “enemy” abuses are permitted (by extension; delay in response) to deeply scar the collective psyche, to demonize the opponent (any complicity in the abuse is denied, negated) and to provide justification for any actions taken against [the employment is covert, even to the enemy; the SAGE know what the enemy are capable of, and ensure that the capability is provided for] — “False Flag” Operations to provide “enemy operations” where the enemy is deficient to ensure/secure the SAGE Agenda, ie., 9/11 and its resultant/perpetual “War on Terrorism” considered by many as such an example.