Expressing *our definition* of our rights ceded [civil action] is NOT civil-disobedience but an expression against the disobedience of those in whose hands our rights rest; an expression of the misuse of ourselves — the Corporate are not an expression of the people – the sovereign state is NOT in the Nation’s interest as their natural rights, long ceded, no longer exist, and the power of the state now rests on the corporate, not the public will — consulting or including the public was never a formality and sovereign power and interest has been, and is, absolutely corporate – vitality and reason are lost, forgotten, and vested interest has taken precedence; the hierarchy is governed by their own self-interest, NOT God !! – we must choose our conscience, NOT our fears; THE VERY NATURE OF OUR EXISTENCE MUST CHANGE !! – we must practise what we preach [God’s community], so we can fully preach what we practise; we must say what we mean [the Gospel], and mean what we say [the Witness] !!