The state is an extension of ourselves – we have ceded our natural rights as sovereign individuals to it – the state becomes ourselves, our identity !! – we have placed our rights in the hands of a man-made sovereign power who now possesses sovereign right over us, our rights now in the hands of carnal men, our rights now in the service of vested interests !! — the Kingdom of God is the sovereign power of God, in whose hands we have placed our natural rights, far better hands than man’s, a servant authority built on justice and righteousness, a family relationship, freedom as relationship, responsibility to each other — the preservation of the state is seen as a primary duty, for to preserve the state is to preserve self, and self-preservation is primal — the Kingdom of God is not to pre-serve self but is first to serve the other and in effect post-serve self, for in serving the other, we in turn are served – reciprocal responsibility, a relationship with our fellow man and with God !!