Worshipping God is the *application* of God; to WORSHIP God is to APPLY God, to freely SHARE God [overcoming evil with good] – worshipping in vain is the application of God using man’s ways, man’s means [the commandments of men]; it is a vain and voided exercise due to systemic negation !! — a basic awareness of this BAAL systemic is enough to realize the horror of employing its means, in any context — at its most simplistic, ownership [artificial scarcity] means someone else has nothing, no share at all !! – politics is the management of this ownership, and distribution, or lack thereof, of the same; a systemic of violence maintained by violence, and enforced by its threat !! – the corporation is an artificial concentration of advantage in a systemic where advantage is everything [based on the worst in human nature: competition, greed, lust (of power/wealth); SELF-INTEREST; the ** works of the flesh ** epitomized; corporate currency [FRNs as product; PRIVATE MEANS]; ** PURE EVIL INCARNATE **; unrighteousness personified, made into a LIFE SYSTEMIC; the COMMONWEALTH NEGATED, TAKEN; AN ADVERSARIAL, PARASITIC PSYCHOSIS !!