The COG today is an arrested spiritual and social movement [carnal divisions, contentions; stopped in its tracks, progress along God’s path impeded, delayed] – it is a corporate organization in which the natural spread of knowledge [the ministry of the anointed-brethren] is usurped by a hierarchy [the anti-Anointed] that gains relative advantage by forcing others to rely on its expertise to get what they want, what they need; the professional ministry, in effect, is standing in the way of God, obstructing Him [there is only one mediator between God and man], they are acting *in place of* our High Priest – the very existence of the COG depends upon vesting the power to choose between paradigms *in the members* of a very special kind of community, an *empowered community*, living purposefully and with an exalted spirit leading !! — the re-establishment of God’s *ministry of gifts*, the *ministry of tears* is not likely to happen without the exercise of those very same gifts [in deep prayer and repentance (we are *all* responsible) and proper fasting (exercising agape love; fasting from the systemic)]; the brethren/sisters must “impact” the COG with the “full weight” of God’s Authority, and bring down the false altar, by initiating God’s ** Ministry of Reconciliation **.