God has NOT abandoned you and you most likely have NOT abandoned God – God has never been very far from you, he considers you a member of His church, not a church controlled by a few select men, but a church of equal brethren, guided by Him; and now, He would like to know if you are willing to reconsider Him ?? – He is extending an open invitation to you and your family to take your rightful place within His community; *God desires and needs you* in His Family !! – God is not self-interest, yet, you are in His interest, and in turn, He is in your interest, we *are* God together – God’s Family is a sharing, a relationship of reciprocal interest [a belonging place; an open experience], not a self-interested taking, but an unselfish giving !! — the high ground of truth is now to be made level, as originally; in diversity is truth, not confusion – reason and worship as way of life; pure religion and undefiled, without spot — open dialogue is NOT confusion – we must come together and converse, amongst ourselves, and with God; we must reason and counsel together [a multitude, not just a select few] – dialogue and cointelligence — we have been sermonized near to death [by men of good intentions, but caught in the grasp of the hierarchal error] !! – God’s brethren, the ekklesia, are NOT passive spectators but active participants – let us start with our own households, then the common household of God, and then the fragmented household of man; a reciprocal sharing, a community of the *gift*, the FAMILY !! — the work of God is active, living faith, the preaching and the witness — the love of God in action speaks volumes, and touches hearts and minds in the full power of God; we are to share freely and openly what God has freely shared with us; this is God’s storehouse !!