The flow of money from private-rich to public-poor termed socialism/communism; the flow of money from public purse to private purse termed vital recapitalization — Nation-State systemic enclosure, business environment, psychological social moulds – Mammon is about subjugation and conquest, war called “business competition”, “competitive advantage”, etc., and “national interest”; the wasting of humanity and the ecosystem by those willing to be possessed by the Mammon-corporate — the public (present and future) disenfranchised in total to support the private — the “faces of the devil” in the world; institutionalized evil overwhelming our shared humanity; the “State” is the “institutionalized nation” and we, as nation, are all complicit — we must understand the “social encoding”, the “framework” and those who occupy the positions we accept as “part of life”, the “way things are”, including the “encoded faith systemics”, the “god-sanction”, given to, and used by Mammon [Matt 23]; our “perceptual filter(s)” must be examined and understood — the “world behind the world”, the physical world is a reflection of the spiritual: Mammon, the “Faith of the Fallen”, the “possession” of “spiritual wickedness”; the SAGE-Progenitors’ “spiritual separation” from the rest of mankind — inhuman animalistic behaviour denotes a “spiritual vacuum” created by lust and greed — the “person” who preaches/brings “fear of God” knows nothing about God.